project44 adds air, ocean freight visibility to platform


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Supply chain management solutions provider project44

The additional visibility into air and ocean freight transport modes complements project44’s truckload and less-than-truckload solutions and makes its platform global in scope for shippers and logistics services providers.

“Businesses need a unified view of their end-to-end visibility data for a flexible and agile global supply chain,” said Jeff McCandless, project44’s CEO, in a statement.

The Chicago-based company, which started six years ago, first tackled the trucking market and has since expanded across the spectrum of global freight transportation modes. “We realized a single mode or regional coverage cannot provide the full picture,” McCandless said.

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project44 has built an extensive multimodal network that now reaches across more than 48 countries and operates in 16 languages. In addition to North America, the company has continued to expand its presence in Europe. 

“To build a supply chain that can withstand today’s unexpected challenges and prepare our business for the future, we need to derive intelligent insights across our logistics network,” said Gregory Pritchard, head of global logistics at Chicago-based biopharmaceutical company AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV

project44 pulls together and unifies various freight transport data through its application programming interface (API) tool. For example, the company said it has established connections to more than 100 airlines, allowing shippers to track their airfreight “from take-off to landing.”

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